Introduction to the course Site Design

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Course title: Site Design


Instructor introduction

  Dr. Yu Yang got his doctorate degree in Urban Planning & Design at Wuhan University and went to the USA as a visiting scholar for one year. He is now a lecturer in Wuhan University in the School of Urban Design and teaches courses such as Site Design, Environmental Phychology, Urban Design etc.

  He is the winner of the 2013 Euraxess Science Slam China and is a participant in the EU FP7 PUMAH project. He is a registered urban planner and also a CATTI accredited Level 1 simultaneous interpreter with ten years of experience.


Course introduction

  Architecture grows in its site. Knowledge of site design is necessary for architects, urban designers and landscape architects alike. By introducing to students the explicit and implicit connections between a building and its site in its natural and engineering elements, the objective of the course is to foster a comprehensive analysis and conception in architectural design from the perspective of the building and its environment as an indivisible entity. Further, design techniques are presented in terms of site plan, circulaiton, grading, piping, greening and landscaping. Taught in English, the course also aims to help prepare students with professional terminologies and enhance their capabilities in reading, analyzing and communicaitonal skills.


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