Introduction to the course Understanding Contemporary Economic Issues from the Perspective of Western Economics

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Course:Understanding Contemporary Economic Issues from the Perspective of Western Economics


  Fang Li(born in 1964), associate professor from School of Foreign Languages & Literature, has been teaching College English for thirty years. Her recent endeavor to integrate College English with economics in teaching and researching turns out to be bliss for her to indulge in. She was awarded for Excellent Teaching a couple of times, and coached the IDEAL of Wuhan University for the 18th National Collegiate Business Case Analysis Competition, the Champion team in the Central China Competition and First Class winner in the National Competition. She has published over thirty academic papers in International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, Guangming Daily, Qiusuo, Journal of Wuhan University, Journal of Wuhan University of Science and Technology and she is the author of one treatise and five textbooks.



A Brief Introduction to  Understanding Contemporary Economic Issues from the Perspective of Western Economics


  This course, a combination of economics and College English, is aiming to broaden students' horizons and enhance their academic proficiency by means of English, by applying fundamental principles and hypotheses in economics as well as relative academic papers to the analysis of economic issues through teaching and interaction between the teacher and students in English.

  A large number of students in Wuhan University, concerned with economic policies and significant economic issues home and abroad, have learned or desire to learn some economics and they are good English learners, so this course could help promote their comprehensive quality and boost their international competitiveness.


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