Enrollment of Rural Students via Ziqiang Program in 2015

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As a measure to follow the spirit of the national student entrance system reform, improve the fairness of college enrollment opportunities, and provide more opportunities to hardworking, well-performing rural students, our school will continue the Ziqiang Program for rural students using the independent recruitment method.

I. Enrollment Plan

160 students, in the following majors will be enrolled:



Humanity and social science

Chinese literature, journalism & communication science, commerce & management, law science, public management, sociology, information management, public health & preventive medical science, etc.

Science and technology

Economics, microelectronic science & engineering, chemistry foundation program, resource & environment, geological information science, hydrological engineering, electrical engineering & automation, mechanic engineering, energy & power, automation, construction science, civil engineering, computer science, electronic information, optical & electronic information, remote sensing science & technology, surveying, light industries (including printing engineering, and packaging engineering), clinical medical science, etc.

Note: Depending on the situation, our school can make adjustments to the enrollment plan and majors. In case the 2015 plan has been adjusted, the adjusted plan will be followed.

II. Requirements for Application

Rural students who meet the criteria for the National College Entrance Exam of 2015, have shown good academic performance and moral outlook, and are currently in education at a county-level (including county-level cities) senior middle school in a remote, poor or ethnic region. The household registration locations of the applicant and the applicant’s parents or legal guardians must be located in a rural area of the province (or autonomous region or municipality) designated as applicable for this program. The applicant must have possessed the local household registration for 3 or more consecutive years, and have actually received education at the local senior middle school for 3 consecutive years.

III. Methods of Application

A combination of student application and school recommendation will be used.

Students that meet the criteria must complete their application from April 15 to May 5, 2015 at the Ministry of Education’s College Entrance Exam website (http://gaokao.chsi.com.cn/gxzxbm).

All middle schools should strictly adhere to the criteria when choosing students to recommend, and publicize the criteria, methods, procedures and students for recommendation in highly noticeable locations inside and outside the school, ensuring the transparency of the process. A school can recommend at most 5 students.

Applicants should upload digital scans of their application documents before the deadline, including:

1. The 2015 application form for independent recruitment of rural students by Wuhan University (printed after a successful online application, then filled in and signed by the applicant and responsible officials at the middle school, and reviewed and stamped by the middle school);

2. Academic performance of high school courses, performance in academic ability test, general quality review archival documents (including records, facts of typical examples, and related certificates on the student’s moral, academic, mental and physical health, artistic, and social practical services performances) and other factual information that may reflect the student’s growth;

3. The first page, householder page, and the applicant’s page in the applicant or the applicant’s parents or legal guardians’ household registration book, which cannot be replaced by other evidences;

The application documents uploaded to the application system should be truthful, accurate, detailed and readable. Documents that are photocopied should be affixed with the middle school’s stamp. All documents will be submitted through the online application system, and no paper copies will be accepted. Applicants who have not completed the full application process, or whose documents do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

IV. Requirements of Admission

1. After an applicant’s local provincial student recruitment and examination authorities have reviewed the validity of the applicant’s household and student registrations, our school will conduct collective expert review of the documents, and determine a list of valid applicants for Ziqiang Program based on a certain ratio in the enrollment plan. The list will be publicized on June 3 at our school’s undergraduate recruitment website, as well as all provincial student recruitment and examination authorities, and the Ministry of Education’s College Entrance Exam website.

2. Our school will determine the detailed Ziqiang Program plan at each province (or autonomous region or direct-controlled municipality) based on their number of valid students, which will be publicized using our school’s undergraduate recruitment website. Upon the actual admission of students, our school may make adjustments to the plan based on the status of valid applicants in our school’s examination.

3. If valid students who have received no objection after public disclosure shall participate in the National College Entrance Exam, and have claimed an intention for our school according to proper procedures of the local provincial student recruitment authorities, whose College Entrance Exam scores (including policy additions) have reached the First Group acceptance line at the province, our school will refer to the publicized province and major-specific recruitment plan, give greater priorities to the students in the order of their scores (including policy additions), and determine their majors according to our school’s policies.

V. Notes

If any falsification, fraudulence or other dishonest behaviors are found and determined, a student’s qualification for enrollment and admission will be revoked according to national and school policies; students who have obtained their student statuses will have their student statuses revoked, whose behavior will be reported to their local provincial student recruitment authorities, and the vacant positions they leave will not be filled. If any misconduct by middle schools is found in making their recommendations, said schools will be disqualified for the next year from making the recommendations, and the misconduct will be reported to their local provincial student recruitment authorities.

VI. Supervision Mechanism

Supervision Department of Wuhan University will oversee the entire process of Ziqiang Program student enrollment.

For applicant appeals and reports, contact: 027-68754231, wdzsb@whu.edu.cn, jwo@whu.edu.cn.

VII. Contact Information

Enrollment Office of Wuhan University

Address: Floor 2 West Wing, South Building of Undergraduate College, Wuhan University

Tel: 027-68754231

Website: http://www.aoff.whu.edu.cn

Sina Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/2062659001

Tencent Weibo: http://t.qq.com/whuzsb4231

WeChat Subscription Account: Enrollment Office of Wuhan University

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