Enrollment of High School Graduates from Hong Kong without Examination in 2015

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According to related documents issued by Ministry of Education and the practical conditions of Wuhan University, the university has decided to recruit students from Hong Kong according to their diploma examination results in high school without requiring entrance examinations (hereinafter referred to as "Hong Kong students"). Relevant matters are hereby notified as following:

I. Enrollment Plan and Majors

Wuhan University plans to recruit 40 Hong Kong students. The university may adjust the enrollment plan properly based on the number of applications received.

Majors of enrollment are listed in the appendix.

II. Application

1. Requirements for application

(1) Students who hold (valid) Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or Hong Kong Identity Card as well as Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong Residents;

 (2) Current year's high school graduate students who have taken diploma examination in Hong Kong.

The certificates held by candidate students should be within period of validity. Health conditions of candidate students are required to meet the requirements of Guidance on Physical Examination of Students for Admission by General Institutions of Higher Education formulated and issued jointly by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and China Disabled Persons' Federation as well as Supplementary Regulations of Wuhan University on Health Conditions of Candidate Students formulated by Wuhan University based on the former.

2. Methods of application

Students may visit the website of the Enrollment Office (at http://www.ecogd.edu.cn) and apply for enrollment according to the time, location and methods specified by the Enrollment Office. Students may also query the grades and admission status through the website.

III. Intention Reporting

Students must report intentions when making pre-application online. Each student may fill in 4 universities in the sequence of intention and 4 majors of intention for each university.

IV. Requirements of Admission

Candidate Students should have grades of key subjects of 3, 3, 4, 3 respectively or total grade of four subjects of 15 or above, and should have completed two elective subjects (within the 20 Type A elective subjects) with grade of 3 or above.

The university will conduct the admission procedures specified by the Joint Enrollment Office for students who meet the above-stated requirements.

The university will give priority to students whose first intention is Wuhan University.

V. Registration and Body Check

(I) Admitted students should come to the university for registration with the Letter of Admission in the time for registration specified in the Letter of Admission. Students who cannot come to the university within the specified time should apply to the university for approval. Students who fail to register within the prescribed time and do not apply to the university for a delay will be denied admission to the university.

(II) The university will verify the admission qualification and have body check for fresh students. Students who do not meet the requirements for enrollment of Hong Kong students without examination and who are deceitful will be denied admission to the university; Students whose physical conditions do not meet the requirements for enrollment will be denied admission to the university; Students who are generally qualified but do not meet the limiting conditions of a certain major may change for another major through consultation.

VI. Tuition and fees

Admitted students should pay the tuition and fees equivalent to those charged for mainland students of the same major when registering.

VII. Miscellaneous

(I) Hong Kong students will share dormitories with mainland students of the same major and shall pay the same boarding fee.

(II) Students will be managed according to the relevant regulations of Ministry of Education and Wuhan University. Students may leave mainland for visits in summer and winter vacation.

(III) A credit system and a flexible educational system will be applied for the study of Hong Kong students. According to the Interim Regulations for Recruitment and Training of Students from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province by General Institutions of Higher Education, Hong Kong students are exempted from military training and courses of political theory. Students are allowed to graduate after they have completed required courses and gained required credits. Eligible students will be awarded bachelor's degree by Wuhan University.

(IV) In principle, Hong Kong students should return to their original place of residence after graduation.

(V) When registering, the period of validity of the exit-entry document held by Hong Kong students shall be consistent with the period of study.

VIII. Supervision Mechanism

The Supervision Department of Wuhan University will participate in and supervise the whole process of the enrollment, and will deal with complaint of candidate students. Please contact jwo@whu.edu.cn for complaint or report.

IX. Contact Information

Enrollment Office of Wuhan University

Address: West side of 2nd floor, South building, Undergraduate Building, Wuhan University

Post Code: 430072

Tel: 027 – 6875 4231

Fax: 027 – 6875 6701

Email: wdzsb@whu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.aoff.whu.edu.cn

Sina Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/2062659001

Tencent Weibo: http://t.qq.com/whuzsb4231

Wechat Subscription Account: Enrollment Office of Wuhan University

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