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I. Handling time

1. From the first week since the beginning of each semester to the week before holiday.

2. From the afternoon of each Monday to the morning of each Tuesday.

II. Methods for result extraction and secondary handling

1. Students at school (fresh graduates before December 31 in the same year) shall go to the teaching office of respective departments to extract the results, and the transcripts will be signed by the teaching secretary and stamped with the special seal for record.

2. Former graduates shall go to the archieves department of the university to extract the results and the transcripts will be signed and sealed.

3. For applying for the transcript for the second time, the student shall provide his/her own ID card, photocopy of the transcript which was issued previously, and B5 photocopies of diploma and academic degree certificate.

III. Checking in

1. Students shall get transcript information packs from the student reception room, and complete the pack accurately and clearly.

2. Students shall provide the handling personnel with original transcripts with signatures and seals, diplomas and academic degree certificates and B5 photocopies (diploma shall be put on academic degree certificate); entrusted student shall also provide applicant’s letter of authorization, photocopy of applicant’s ID card and his/her own ID card.

3. Once approved after review, the student shall go to the accounting office to pay the handling fee by the cost bill, and the sealed duplicate and the invoice shall be returned to the handling personnel for check.

4. After getting the serial number for handling, students shall collect Chinese and English transcripts and education certificates within the specified time by the serial number notes.

IV. For applying for Chinese & English transcripts, students involving in Seven-university Joint Running shall carry valid certificates, go to South 107 Office of Teaching Affairs Office, and directly apply for transcripts. For applying for Chinese & English double-degree certificates, students shall photocopy the double-degree certificates on B5 papers, and go to find Teacher Zhu at South 105 Office of Teaching Affairs Division to check the certificates, and then go to South 107 Office of Teaching Affairs Division to apply for the Chinese & English translation.

V. Receiving transcripts and education certificates

1.      Time: each Friday

2.      Bring the serial number notes to receive Chinese & English result reports, education certificates and envelopes free of charge, and seal it by yourself.

VI.  Charging standards

Translation fee for each Chinese and English transcript is 50 Yuan, and production fee for each is 10 Yuan; translation fee for each diploma or each academic degree certificate is 10 Yuan, and production fee for each is 10 Yuan; production fee for each schooling certificate is 5 Yuan.


To preserve the good reputation of Wuhan University and the honesty reputation of the students, this office will place the original transcripts on file as required by the university, for review by the verification departments of other institutions, foreign universities and embassies in China. When applying for transcripts, the students shall strictly follow the above-mentioned procedures, and shall not make additional requests. Meanwhile, it is forbidden to alter results without permission. Once found, the violator will be forbidden to apply for transcripts and education certificates within three years.

We appreciate your understanding, support and cooperation.


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