Wuhan University Starts its Reform on Public Basic Course of Public English

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   (Correspondent: Zhan Lan, Wen Fang)Following the “Great Debate of Educational Thoughts” and “Conference on the Undergraduate Education Work” in 2015, “1+8” document series on the reform and development of undergraduate education are issued in phase in the form of official documents, based on extensive collection of views from all departments. On March 8th,the university held the reform-initiating meeting to implement the undergraduate education reform and to enhance the educational quality of college English, public basic course, in an all-round way. Attendants came from Undergraduate Education Department, Faculty Teaching Development Center, School of Foreign Languages and Literature and College English Department.

     During the meeting, staff from School of Foreign Languages and Literature introduced general ideas of College English Department on the educational reform from following three aspects, namely teaching quality, learning interest and teaching mode. Further, it illustrated teaching work of implementation class, including course evaluations, establishment of self-learning platform, establishment of subject competition and the second class, building of the micro learning team, Hongyi class, Anglo-American culture, English movies and western culture. Reform practice and future plans of College English Department were also covered from customized curricula to teacher improvement.

      Staff from the Department of Undergraduate Education speaks highly of College English Department for its effort in teaching and team building. Further, it suggests that College English Department strengthen its reform in teaching quality assessment (TQA) and teachers’ incentives, integrate classroom teaching into the second class through academic contests and explore new approaches to arouse students’ interest in joining the class for practical teaching improvement as well as for a friendlier atmosphere for campus English learning. Meanwhile, since College English is a public basic course, its reform should be centered on improvement of teaching quality for the benefit of both teachers and students. It is suggested that teachers attract students through teaching contents and methods, so that students can both acquire knowledge and improve their abilities while teachers can enjoy handsome pay and enhance their personal career. The Department of Undergraduate Education will help boost the reform of college English by making accessible various resources including Luojia Online and microteaching practice and by offering both material and technological support for informative teaching, flip classroom and TQA.

       It is reported that Wuhan University has initiated the systematic reform of public basic course in 2015 to improve its teaching quality. Besides reform in College English, the ideological and political theory teaching reform is also strengthened to promote teaching effectiveness. Twelve reforming research projects of situation & policy have been set up in 2016 to promoting the whole educational reform. We have strengthened the construction of online teaching platform on the ideological and political theory, offered the integrated teaching informational platform to meet the needs of online teaching and encouraged teachers to develop online courses actively , so as to link and promote mutually life online and offline, in and out of class. In 2016, four ideological and political micro courses of Wuhan University have gained good responses in the national class platform iCourse, namely Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism, Outline of Modern and Contemporary History of China, Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and Ideological, Moral Cultivation and Law Basics.

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