Wuhan University Vigorously Promote “Excellent Personnel Education and Training program”

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Wuhan University Vigorously Promote “Excellent Personnel Education and Training program”

   (Correspondent: Ding Jialing, Zhang Liyun and Lei Dan)A symposium on “Excellent Personnel Education and Training program” was held on March 9 in Wuhan University to implement and fully support the program.

    Responsible officer of Department of Undergraduate Education, experts, representatives from 15 schools (departments) involved, and responsible officers of the board attended the meeting.

    Project leaders from Department of Undergraduate Education introduced the aim and intention for Wuhan University and the country as a whole to implement the plan, current condition of our school, and the state’s efforts to deepen engineering education reform and to promote the construction and development of new engineering courses.

    Then project leaders from different schools detailed the implementation of the project in various majors, including key measures, results, achievements, problems and schemes for 2017, etc.

    School of electronic information dedicated to building a top-notch innovative talent training model centering on student’s individual developments and an academic tutorial system with deep interaction between students and professors. Aimed at nurturing talents with solid academic foundation, critical thoughts, engineering practice ability, innovation and international vision, Prominent Engineer Class has gained the first success and became a paradigm of the school.

    School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering carried out in the accordance with the 3+1 school training and enterprise training mode, in which students are trained at school systematically in the former six semesters and then improve their practice ability, and from the seventh to the eighth semester by two-way selection and “double-tutor system” in school, and post practice at associated enterprises.

    School of Civil Engineering emphasized on the combination of theory and practice, building a “double-tutor” faculty system, establishing an organic link between theoretical and engineering practices. They set up the scientific and technological innovation training center for students, and the all-round, multilevel, and three-dimensional practice teaching system facing the cultivation of the engineering innovation capacity.

On the basis of extensive exchanges, the schools (departments) learned from each other, found deficiencies, broadened their thoughts and visions, and resorted out and implemented the program.

    The "Excellent Personnel Education and Training Program" is a major reform project to implementing Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) and Outline of National Medium and Long-term Talent Development Plan (2010-2020). The program includes three parts: "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program", "Excellent Law Personnel Education and Training Program", and "Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program". During the 12th 5-Year Plan, 15 related majors in our university have been chosen, 7 majors have passed the professional certifications, and we built 14 national college students after-school practice and teaching bases, 11 provincial internship training bases, and nearly 100 school internship training bases.Three levels of school-level, provincial and national-level practice teaching systems,which has provided a solid guarantee for the implementation of the program.

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