Wuhan University Has Another Three National Excellent Open Video Courses

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Recently Ministry of Education has published the seventh list of "Excellent Open Video Courses". Wuhan University has another three national excellent open video courses included in the list.

The three national excellent open video courses included in the list are: The Three Kingdoms in the History and the Three Kingdoms in the "Romance" conducted by Professor Chen Wenxin, Shuowen Jiezi conducted by Professor Wan Xianchu and General Knowledge about First Aid conducted by Professor Zhao Yan.

The Three Kingdoms in the History and the Three Kingdoms in the "Romance" tells the difference between the Three Kingdoms described in the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the Three Kingdoms in the history. It manifests that the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms is not just the arbitrary distortion of history; instead, it has deep historical roots. The course mainly points out the difference between the two and reveals their relation, and on the basis of which, it gives a knowledge of the feelings of Chinese people on life and their value orientation as well as the richness and diversity of Chinese culture.

Shuowen Jiezi is based on the 540 radicals in Chinese characters in the book Shuowen Jiezi written by Xu Shen, who lived in the Eastern Han Dynasty, with reference to the forming basis of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells and Chinese characters originated from Jin characters. Through the characters in the classic ancient poems and proses that are apt to be misread or misunderstood, the course teaches the relations between the form, pronunciation and meaning of Chinese character systematically. By explanation of the forming of basic Chinese characters, it gives an in-depth analysis into the Chinese culture contained in Chinese characters and allows every student to truly understand Chinese characters.

The course General Knowledge about First Aid suggests that first aid is in fact not difficult and everybody can give first aid. The course teaches about emergency and first aid, methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, modern first aid for wound, and on-site first aid for internal emergencies (such as asphyxia, dyspnea and coma). The course instructor unveils the elementary knowledge about pre-hospital first aid in order to teach about how to safeguard health and life.

It is learned that Wuhan University has already launched 13 national excellent open video courses. Through the application of modern information techniques, such excellent open video courses will play a more significant role in promoting education reform, enhancing students' quality and level in science and culture, as well as serving the development of a learning society.

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