Introduction to the course Wireless Communications

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Teacher Introduction: Yuanyuan Zeng, femail, born in Oct. 1980, PhD/Postdoc. She is now an associate professor at School of Electronic Information, Wuhan University. Her research interests include wireless sensor networks, urban sensing, etc. She was a research assistant in City University of Hong Kong. She committed her postdoctoral research at Department of Computer Science, University College Cork, Ireland. She also went to US college for research work. She is now in charge of a dozen projects such as Chinese national foundation project, Hubei province national foundation project, Jiangsu province national foundation project, and the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars State Education Ministry, etc. She also takes part in the National Basic Research Program of China 973 Program project and some other projects cooperating with corporations such as Huawei, etc. She has published over 50 papers at international conferences and journals. She published research book “Wireless Sensor Networks: Technology and applications” by Qinghua university press, and textbook “Introduction to Internet of Things” as well as one book chapter in english. She is now in editorial board for International Journal on Advances in Networks and Services and International Journal of Design, Analysis and Tools for Integrated Circuits and Systems. She is Program Committee for dozens of international conference (such as PlatCon 2015、ICWMC 2014、MSN 2013、BWCCA 2013、DATICS-GPC 2013) and reviewer for some international journals including ACM Trans on Sensor Networks, etc.


Course Introduction: “Wireless Communications” course is an elective course oriented toward the senior grade student for undergraduate students majoring in communication engineering. Through the course learning, we aim to help students understand and grasp the pervasive and typical theory, problems, design ideas and analysis methods of wireless communications in a global and systematical way. We hope not only to build the good theoretical analysis and design ability for students, but also lay a good foundation for their further work related with wireless communications. The course contents can be divided into the following three main parts: one is technical background, which includes overview of wireless communication systems, transmission fundamentals, communication network overview and protocols; the second part is wireless communication technology, which includes antennas, propagation models, channel model and capacity; the third part is wireless communication networks, which includes the content of satellite communications, cellular wireless networks and wireless local area networks.

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