Introduction to the course Networks and Distributed Computing

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Zhidong Shen

Male, Doctor, Associate Professor

Interested Research Areas: Computer Software, Information Security and Distributed Computing


Tel: +86-18971519663 (M)


Working Experience:

2010.11-Now, Associate Professor of International School of Software of Wuhan University

2007.03—2010.11, Lecturer of International School of Software of Wuhan University

1998.7—2000.8, Teacher of Wuhan Urban Construction Institute


Education Experience:

2013.7—2014.6,  University of Victoria, Visiting Scholar

2010.7—2010.11.  Queensland University of Technology, Visiting Scholar

2003.09--2006.12, Ph.D.,  computer software and theory, at Wuhan University

2000.09--2003.06, M.S.,  computer application technology, at Wuhan University

1994.09--1998.06, B.S.,  computer software, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying & Mapping.



  Networks and Distributed Computing is a compulsory course in the major of software engineering. The goal of this course is to make undergraduates master the basic principle and technology of networks and distributed computing. In this course, students will study the architecture, operating principle,network protocols, and data communication of Internet. In order to master the technology for Internet application development, they will study the main content of distributed computing and network programming. This course is to be given in English. Multimedia instruction and computer practice are to be arranged. The instruction of this course is mainly based on classroom teaching, meanwhile practice and exercises are to be added to consolidate and reinforce the instruction.


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