Introduction to the course Computer network

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  After obtaining bachelor degree from HuaZhong University of Science and Teleology, I continued my study in France where I got my Master degree and Doctor degree in computer networks. Then, I spend one and half year in Orange Lab of France Telecom as Postdoc. Afterwards, I joint ZTE European research center where I worked as system engineer.

  During my work in international school of software of WuHan University, I take the responsibility for the course “computer network”. The teaching language for this course is not only in Chinese but in English as well. 



  “Computer network” is a required course for the international students and Engineer students of International school of software. Students should complete this course during the second semester of second year. The objective of the course is to enable students to master the basic theory of the computer network and practice it. Also, it course trains students’ engineering thinking.

The course includes the following subjects:

  •   Introduction: basic concepts of computer networks, software and hardware of computer networks;
  •   Layered structure: from application layer to physical layer;
  •   Security: introduction of computer network security;
  •   NS2 practice.

  The course consists of two parts, theory part and practice part. Theory part focuses on computer network theory, such as transmission theory and routing algorithm. Practice part requires students to do network simulation with NS2 tool.

  It is expected, through this course, that students can master the design theory of computer network and its architecture. It also requires student to be able to practice computer network. But the most important, student should have engineering thinking.  

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